Cono Chips Packaging Uplift

CREATED: may 2019
Agency: j. walter thompson, design unit
Client: egypt foods

Cono is a chips pack loved by both children and adults for its crunchy rigged texture and wide variety of flavours.

Spicy Ketchup,
Jalapeño Cheese,

The client wanted to redesign the packaging design in order to uplift the overall image to target a slightly older audience in a higher class bracket and to add two more types of products to make the following three:

The logo was revamped to a curvier, more comic feel.

The typography was switched to a curvier style while still keeping contrast between white and some primary colors. The grunge texture was removed. The overall symmtery and layout of the typography and holding device was optimized to become more appealing.

Old Logo

Uplifted Logo

The Packaging Design

Cones in Cheese Flavour

before and after uplift

New Products