Newmid Real Estate Identity

CREATED: December 2018
AGENCY: J. Walter Thompson Cairo, Design Unit
SUPERVISOR: Ibrahim Eslam

With urbanisation, life is shifting beyond the capital and old cities.

New boundaries and cities are emerging. But the success of any city comes from its heart — Its center which is right in the middle of everything, bringing everything together. Ora Sheikh Zayed brings two new landmarks — 2 towers and one of a kind public park that definitely sets a new middle in the West.
With new era comes new boundaries. New cities. New lives. New dreams. New futures. New stories. New destination.
New landmark New center in the mid-east New heart of the West. New middle in the middle of everything.

Architectural elements such as attics and corners were inspiring.

The logo is based on the concept of an architectural attic.

A common style element in classical architecture, the typography has a distinctive style at the terminals which lends a very modern treatment to the serifs, creating a beautiful contrast between modern and traditional, while staying premium, sleek and very chic .